Floral & Plantscape
design services

Serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.


We love to design spaces that incorporate color and bring the outdoors inside. Our design services offer full color renders to keep the vision clear and true to life. Each environment we design is thoroughly examined for the best plant species, available light conditions, and human interaction; all while staying on brand and on budget. 

Our thoughtful approach to design involves you from color renderings, detailed listings of plants and materials used, and physical samples to examine color and texture. We would love you to be part of the design process from start to finish to insure you are fully satisfied and enjoy a well designed space for years to come. 


How plants and flowers are positioned and the way they interact with humans is important to us. We can work closely with other designers, architects and company leads to design a space that is a delight to the senses and tells a story. Plant placement is crucial to the overall survival of the species and long-term success and wellbeing of your company.

Our installation crew is composed of professional horticulturists who carefully handle plants to minimize transplant shock and maximize acclimation. We will transplant at David Flores Design Studio or on-site depending on the type of installation required.

David Flores Design would like to visit you to discuss what will best suit your space. After your free consultation, we can begin to install plants and planters that coordinate with your space. We offer a maintenance service so you do not have to worry about a thing.


We offer a worry-free maintenance program for the overall health and beauty of your plants. Our horticulturists will make scheduled visits to your business to ensure your plants will thrive and prosper. Backed by a continuous replacement program your plantscape will look as fresh as when they were first installed. You will never known we were there and you are rewarded with all the benefits of a healthy productive environment. We can also provide detailed updates to keep you informed.