A guide to San Francisco Shared Spaces

A detailed look at the future of parklets in San Francisco and how to keep your shared space compliant.


Capture your customers attention with a custom, unique design.


Brighten your atmosphere with a splash of plants and subtle lighting.


Eliminate bugs, erase vandalism, and stay compliant.

I can Maximize Your Shared Space

Your parklet is the perfect place to give your customer an evening they will never forget, but to do so you might want to have someone else take care of the details.

I can help you design, stage and maintain your parklet with plants, pottery and modular amenities.


On March 12, 2021, Mayor London Breed announced that the City of San Francisco will be extending the COVID-19 response Shared Spaces Program, including all parklets, permanently.


This announcement affects all previous, existing and future applicants to the Shared Spaces Program. Any eligible restaurant or business can apply for the necessary permit.


New regulations for Parklets were announced on March 12, 2021. Most modifications do not have to be made until June 2022, but some are required to continue to operate.

Phone Consultation

I can help you Hammer through the details.

If this all seems overwhelming, don’t stress! I am here to help you. After a 30-minute, in person consultation with me I will deliver a plan of action that will help you move forward to stay compliant, keep customers happy and accomplish your shared space goals.

In-Person Consultation

Download our Shared spaces Compliance Checklist.

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